The Wisconsin Homeland Security Council Charter was adopted in April 2003, shortly after the Council was formed by Executive Order of then Governor Jim Doyle. This document outlines the Strategic View of the Council, as well as provides directives as to Council membership and meeting governance.

Executive Orders

An Executive Order is an order or directive issued by the head of the executive branch, in the state of Wisconsin this is the Governor. The above link provides access to Executive Orders pertaining to the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council that have been issued since the Council’s creation in 2003.

Press Releases

Press releases provide opportunities for the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council to outline ongoing initiatives, trainings and events to inform the people of Wisconsin. Please take some time to see what the Council is doing around the state!

Reports/Strategic Plans

Access reports prepared by the council as well as by state and federal agencies regarding Homeland Security issues pertaining to the State of Wisconsin. This includes the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council Strategy and Annual Report by the Council to the Governor.